3 Pillars of an Elite Culture

Being elite is not an idea but rather a way of life. In order to change a culture – whether in business or in life – you must embrace values that lead to excellence. This is not a passive embrace but a dedication to live these values. It from this philosophy we have developed the 3 Pillars of an Elite Culture. While this is in no way an exhaustive list of important values, these are absolutely critical for the functioning of an elite culture. What is the most critical piece of this? The leaders of an organization absolutely must be the foremost examples of these values.


Those who wish to make a difference must stop wishing and start doing. Commitment requires a level of dedication in which you better yourself, your organization and others around you for a difficult goal that is for the greater good. Greatness has never resulted from halfhearted attempts. So if the goal is to be great, you must have great drive.

Genuine Honesty

Be true to yourself, and most of all be honest and transparent in your words and your dealings. Honesty breeds integrity. Your character is reliant on your small actions of honesty.

No Excuses

Excuses, blaming others, and explaining away accountability destroy potential greatness. Excellence is seized through extreme accountability and refusing to lower yourself to excuse making. To make your future you have to own it first. We own our actions so we may control our destiny.