Nobody achieved greatness without great commitment. It doesn’t matter what field you talk about – sports, business, science – greatness is only achieved after a legendary amount of effort is put in. We all hear the stories of great athletes getting cut from amateur teams before they made it big. At this point there are 3 options, quit, put in a little better effort next time, or be completely committed to greatness. Don’t think businesses are any different.

If you are a leader, this message is a personal challenge to you because followers mirror their leader’s virtues. Yep, we wrote about that one. But think about it. A leader who demands dedication of a team member will only get results if he himself is dedicated. Imagine if that leader demands dedication but embodies carelessness and laziness. Do you think their team will suddenly exemplify great commitment and a healthy work ethic?

Now think of the team who watches a leader display grit, determination and a fearless dedication for those directly under them. This leader looks out for everyone else first. This is a leader that is demanding to be followed merely by their own actions. While this leader should communicate their goals, it is primarily their actions that demand others’ commitment.  Ultimately the leaders who are fully committed to improving themselves, others, and their organization will achieve greatness.

Our process focuses first and foremost on identifying the end goal. If your goal consists of becoming elite and helping those around you to be elite, then you must be committed to that process. Your fearless embrace of difficult tasks and care for others will shine as a beacon to those around you. It says: this is the way to success and follow me! The way might not be easy, but excellence never was born out of ease.