“The entrepreneur engages in creative destruction in order to make the world a better place”

True entrepreneurism is often misunderstood. And so it is fitting that the term we, as a company, choose to describe entrepreneurism, creative destruction, was used to both denigrate capitalism and extol its values. Yet it is not about capitalism or socialism, but rather it is about the actions of those with supreme courage dedicating themselves to make the world a better place through business.

It is always interesting how innovation can be viewed as a positive or negative depending on where the person sits who views it. For people who like checking out quickly at the grocery store, they enjoy the automated quick checkout. Those former or future cashiers who had their jobs displaced likely think less of the invention. Further to the point, I’m sure most of us right now enjoy the ease of word processing on computers while those who staffed typewriting plants were likely less than enthused with its increase in popularity. But really, it’s pretty common for society to struggle to accept and understand the consequences of change, right?

The point is that with innovation comes casualty, but it is only through that casualty that society is better off. Whether it is grocery stores being able to supply food for less due to lower costs or increased productivity of the workforce due to the incredible computing power of a PC, entrepreneurism should be geared to identifying a potential problem and solving it. The road of true entrepreneurism is discovering a way to improve systems, solve problems and ultimately change lives. The reward is bountiful profit.