What type of culture do you have here?” she asked. The answer was ominous. “Well, we have a fun environment…” Not a great answer, especially if it’s not followed up by at least 2-3 quality values. Unfortunately, when business owners and managers can only talk about how “fun” their culture is, it can be for one of 2 reasons; either they don’t take their job very seriously, or there is no definable culture.

Culture emanates from the personal values you demand as a boss. This will likely come as a shock to many people, but if the majority of your focus is on creating a “fun environment” for your employees, then you are essentially losing the culture game. What is the most important thing for a business? Being great at your job so you can help people OR is it having fun with your coworkers?

Now, let’s not get confused, a fun, enjoyable and cohesive workplace is extremely important, but this cannot get in the way of completing “the mission.” Without the mission we have no jobs and we have no purpose here. If your extracurricular activities are the focus, then they come first, not your customer or the personal growth of your staff.

To have a great culture, a team must live the core values. If you don’t have them, make them and put them at the center of your culture. If you already have them, but they aren’t values that can be embodied by a human, then they are a glorified mission statement. In this case revamp them into personal values that can be lived by your staff.

You, your customers, and your employees are all affected by the culture you set. Are you better off because of it?


– Nino