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The Power of Production

Imagine a world with no computer, no smart phones (or even cell phones!), and very limited access to TVs and vehicles. News would come to you via an actual physical newspaper (and likely be around a day old) unless you commit to listening to the radio. This is […]

October 4th, 2019|Categories: Articles|

The Sweet Science (and Art) of Business

It’s the battle royale. Its between the “numbers guy” who can’t see 2 feet in front of his face and the “feelings guy” who wouldn’t know a metric if it hit him in the head. Both will swear that they know the real secret to business. But it’s […]

September 16th, 2019|Categories: Articles|

Watch Your Assets!

This restaurant nailed the experience. I mean as soon as you poked your head in you could feel it. It wasn’t just the friendly staff, the delightful food, or the perfectly coordinated flow, it had just as much to do with the clean and vibrant ambiance. It was […]

August 23rd, 2019|Categories: Articles|

It’s All Fun and Games Isn’t It?

What type of culture do you have here?” she asked. The answer was ominous. “Well, we have a fun environment…” Not a great answer, especially if it’s not followed up by at least 2-3 quality values. Unfortunately, when business owners and managers can only talk about how “fun” […]

August 16th, 2019|Categories: Articles|

Trust the Process

Failure is relative. It’s not losing because that’s definite. In fact, failure can look like success to some people. Think of an elite athlete who makes the Olympics and ends up in 4th place. For me, that would be an incredible success! But for that Olympian who was a […]

July 25th, 2019|Categories: Articles|

The Folly of the Enlightened One

“How shall I deal with the enlightened one? Replace him with the true seeker of enlightenment.”

12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson


There is one type of person that cannot be helped, and that is the person who knows everything. He […]

July 12th, 2019|Categories: Articles|

As the Recession Nears

You know it’s coming, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. Yes, a recession will be here – whether its early 2020 or a few years down the road, it will happen. So, the questions have started rolling in on when it will be, how bad […]

July 9th, 2019|Categories: Articles|

Why am I in this meeting?

I know you’ve been there. I have too. You’re in a meeting, it takes too long, the team talks about a problem, they bitch for a while and get all riled up, and then say “well, I guess we’ll tackle that later…” Are you kidding me? Did I […]

June 28th, 2019|Categories: Articles|

Honesty and Deceit in Negotiation

It may come as a surprise to many, that honesty, not deceit, is a key piece to most negotiations. Although, they share many similarities, poker and negotiation are not always one in the same. In poker it’s important to hide your emotions, eliminate your tells, and keep opponents […]

March 8th, 2019|Categories: Articles|

Profiting from Risky Business

There is a number above all else that is the driving force for your business and interestingly enough most business owners even don’t know what it is. Do you? If you answered any of the following – Sales, Gross Profit or Net Income – you are […]

November 14th, 2018|Categories: Articles|

Creative Destruction

“The entrepreneur engages in creative destruction in order to make the world a better place”

True entrepreneurism is often misunderstood. And so it is fitting that the term we, as a company, choose to describe entrepreneurism, creative destruction, was used to both denigrate capitalism and extol its values. Yet […]

October 18th, 2018|Categories: Articles|

Commitment – It Starts at the Top

Nobody achieved greatness without great commitment. It doesn’t matter what field you talk about – sports, business, science – greatness is only achieved after a legendary amount of effort is put in. We all hear the stories of great athletes getting cut from amateur teams before they made […]

August 17th, 2018|Categories: Articles|

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