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Economic Forecasts for Companies

Economic Forecasts for Industries


Why do we look at data? Obviously to get a better idea of how we are doing internally and what is affecting us externally. But, unlike 20 years ago, the danger is not a lack of data points to monitor, but an overload of data to look at. Data overload creates confusing and mixed messages. So how can we simplify this issue? With tracking all these multiple data points but delivering them in one simple number. This is what our clients receive with our economic forecasts.

These economic forecasts hinge on 3 main data sets:

  • Sales adjusted by the season (to monitor demand outside of seasonal fluctuations)
  • Sales projections including seasonal movements
  • Direct costs

Our monthly reports can be unique to your specific company or be based on a specific industry.

We are not limited to specific industries for economic reports on your specific business, but our industry reports are on the following sectors of the economy:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • New Home Sales
  • Vehicle Sales
  • Restaurant Sales
  • Alcohol Sales

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Our chief economist, Nino Garofola, is always open to discuss the economy and economic conditions with your leadership team, group, or organization. Rates start at $1000 per speech.

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