Finance should be about the future!

Have you ever been frustrated sitting with your accountant while he drones on and on about the past? Yes, understanding your old numbers is important, but the past is over! Finance only becomes relevant if it is based on a plan to change our future. Our forward-looking process creates a financial roadmap to success so you know your benchmarks and can monitor your progress. It is time to get away from the mentality of the tweed jacket wearing accountant and move to a clear and forward looking approach where you can make better informed decisions and, as a result, watch your company grow.

Set a meeting

We typically meet with our clients monthly for this service. What are some things we cover?

  • Budgets
  • Cost of Capital
  • Sales projections
  • Measuring of seasonal movements
  • Pro-Forma
  • Financial Statement review
  • Budgets to actual
  • Analysis of a project’s profit

How easy is it to start?

1) Schedule a meeting
2) Discuss your goals
3) Execute a customized plan together (usually on a monthly basis)

Check our schedule for availability

Our agreement to you:

We talk numbers at your level
You should be treated with dignity and respect)

We create an actionable plan
We show you where to go and how to get there!

We work as hard as you do
You shouldn’t have to deal with “professionals” who just give you off the cuff advice or rules of thumb. We do the leg work before the meeting so you can have the best advice possible. Our goal for each meeting: “let this be the best meeting of your life”