“How shall I deal with the enlightened one? Replace him with the true seeker of enlightenment.”

12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson


There is one type of person that cannot be helped, and that is the person who knows everything. He will not be helped because he already knows more than everyone else. He stops asking questions because he already knows the answers.


I’ve learned in business to avoid this man. He is a danger to himself and those around him because he can do no wrong and he doesn’t need anyone around him. Why would he? His knowledge is supreme! Actually, his knowledge is his biggest folly and it will eventually be his own undoing.


We know no one is perfect and therefore ultimate knowledge is unattainable. And so, when the “enlightened one” eventually drops the ball, he will ignore his failure. Maybe even double up on it. At this point no lessons can be learned, and when he eventually fails, he will blame the disaster of his own doing on others. Excuses.


Now let’s think of the smartest people we know. They are knowledge hogs. They desire to know more and seek out any legitimate resource that can help them be even better. These are the people who are constantly asking questions, even to people who are nowhere near as smart as they are. They are the ones who live the motto that the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.


Let this be a lesson to us in the business world. Never be complacent in your job or in your industry. Always ask questions to gain more knowledge. The more answers you seek the more you will find. With this knowledge comes the power to be truly elite.