It’s the battle royale. Its between the “numbers guy” who can’t see 2 feet in front of his face and the “feelings guy” who wouldn’t know a metric if it hit him in the head. Both will swear that they know the real secret to business. But it’s really the mix of their approaches that is the secret sauce.


This is the constant knock on numbers guys- they look in the past and cannot see how a shift in the business will produce dynamic results. This is an incredibly fair assessment and is actually the reason why many business “visionaries” don’t get along with accountants. Many accountants can have an incredibly static view of the world.


On the flip side, the “feelings guy” runs the business from his gut. He knows that profit comes from creativity and so he focuses everything he has into being creative. Did someone say numbers? Yeah, Mr. Creative fell asleep.


It is only when we balance both data and creativity that we learn true profits. Creativity brings the sales, and numbers deliver the profits. So what needs to happen? For the creative person, it’s important to know that a great idea must be measured with finance and data. Trust your team! With finance, it’s important to think ahead and ALWAYS consider dynamics. What is the upside vs the downside?


While it can be a contentious marriage, it’s through the union of finance and creativity that we maximize our profits.


– Nino